Thursday, October 17, 2013

Preview 1/6 scale Reclusive Millionaire Outfit and Christian Bale Head Sculpt Set from Super Duck

For those who like to collect every aspect of Batman in 1/6 scale, even Bruce Wayne in his different outfits, this one's for you. Seems like Super Duck has the same idea as PIRP Toys when it comes to 1/6 scale outfits. Instead of producing the superhero costumes worn by the actors, they choose to focus on the civilian outfits instead.

For their upcoming 1/6 scale Reclusive Millionaire Outfit and Head Sculpt Set, Super Duck must have been inspired by an early scene in the the 2012 superhero film "The Dark Knight Rises" directed by Christopher Nolan. In that particular scene, Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) is at Wayne Manor and encounters Bruce Wayne in the off limits area of his huge mansion for the first time. This set, based on Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) "Howard Hughs" recluse look, comes with a gray sweat shirt, gray sweat pants, orange and black patterned robe with cloth belt, walking cane, black cloth slippers, and bearded / disheveled Bruce Wayne head sculpt.

Super Duck 1/6 scale Reclusive Millionaire Outfit and Christian Bale Head Sculpt Set includes 1/6 scale Head Sculpt, Robe with Cloth Belt, Slippers, Sweat Shirt, Sweat Pants, Walking Cane. NOTE: 12-inch figure body not included (display only). Scroll down to see more pictures

This set will go nicely with the PIRP 1/6 scale Catwoman Costume set which consisted of evening dress, maid uniform and prison garb (previewed earlier HERE). After all, it takes two to tango.

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