Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Show of FORCE! Taiwan Military Might displayed

Taiwan's new army uniforms are downright scary!
by Brendan Fitzgibbons on Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013 as reported on DramaFever

Forget Halloween, these might be the scariest costumes you see this fall. The Taiwanese government recently unveiled their new Special Forces armor, and it's pretty terrifying. The new uniforms feature bulletproof armor and a ballistic face mask that make soldiers look like a villain in a horror movie.

The armor is supposed to protect against close range shots. When the soldiers line up and march, it's hard not to think they look like a Star Wars clone army. Scroll down to see more pictures (including those of other Taiwanese military units on display as well). Most impressive!

And other units. Click on the pictures for bigger and better views :)


Rashpal said...

Wow! Well, the million dollar question is when are they going to release any 1/6th figures based on these?

alex teo said...

I intend to kitbash the first figure with some parts from Triad Toys Gun 4 Hire EBS Tyrus 12-Inch Figure - http://toyhaven.blogspot.sg/2010/07/triad-toys-ebs-tyrus-12-inch-figure.html

Rashpal said...

Yes that would definitely work...and pls do share your finished kitbash here for all of us to see : )

alex teo said...

When it's done I will :)