Friday, October 25, 2013

Incoming: Hot Toys 1/6 scale Captain Harlock 12-inch Collectible Figure with Throne of Arcadia

Space Pirate Captain Harlock was a classic manga comics created by the legendary Leiji Matsumoto in the 1970s. The story follows Harlock, an outcast, who has turned into a Space Pirate and led a crew aboard his starship Arcadia to rebel against Earth's oppressors. Its popularity has led to the creation of an animation series in the 1980s, and this year the story has been remade as an epic CG film and is hitting the theaters / cinemas.

Hot Toys is excited to present the new 1/6th scale Captain Harlock Collectible Figure with his majestic Throne of Arcadia from the Space Pirate Captain Harlock CG movie. The movie-accurate collectible is finely crafted and features a newly developed head sculpt, stylish costume, a meticulously sculpted Throne of Arcadia, weapons and Captain Harlock’s avian friend – Mr. Bird.

The interpretation of the character's costume / outfit is interesting as it varies from the anime version which was released by Medicom Toys twice and reviewed on this toy blog twice - HERE (for the earlier version) and HERE (for the updated look) with comparison pictures HERE

Click on the pictures for bigger and better views :)

Comes with Captain Harlock’s avian friend – Mr. Bird. Check out Medicom Toys version HERE

The Hot Toys 1/6 scale Captain Harlock Collectible Figure special features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Captain Harlock in Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Head sculpt with real-like hair sculpture, facial expression, eyepatch, scar, gesture and skin textures. Approximately 33 cm tall. Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted. Newly developed body with over 30 points of articulations. Six (6) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) pair of posing palms, One (1) right palm for holding gun, One (1) right palm for holding rapier

Costume: One (1) black leather-like suit with skull print in front, One (1) pair of gold color arm armor, One (1) gold color armor vest, One (1) removable black and red cloak with skull pin, Two (2) brown belts, Two (2) gun holsters, One (1) pair of brown long boots

Weapons: One (1) rapier, One (1) pistol

Accessories: One (1) 1/6th scale Mr. Bird with transparent stand. Figure stand with Captain Harlock nameplate and the movie logo

Also comes with 1/6th scale red and gray colored Throne of Arcadia with skull sculptures


Unknown said...

Something about this guy I don´t like.
They should have done this character based on the serial not the new movie. I liked very much those cartoons, I wont collect the movie figure.
Colors are to "dead", even dressing in black, the cartoon character was more colorful.

D7ana said...

Hmmm ... he's cute. I thought Captain Harlock had long blond hair ... perhaps I have him confused with another anime character. I love the molding of this Hot Toys' figure. And the one eye exposed - sexy ;-)

I wonder if the eye patch is molded to the face and if there is an eye beneath the patch (referring to your note about pirates' eye patches). And do you think he has a clear body - no molded clothes - beneath his outfit? Yes, the re-dressing doll collector in me would set him up in civilian clothes. Sometimes ;-)

Thanks for this review. Budget permitting and minimum molded on fashions, I would buy this figure. I like his face. As seen in my first paragraph, I am not very familiar with the character so matching either the movie or the anime version doesn't matter. He looks good and that counts for me, lol.

D7ana said...

And that throne ... whoa. I am impressed. Hot Toys seems to do topnotch furniture as well as gorgeous male figures. Sigh.

Got him - and your review - pinned to my Pinterest Wish List board.

alex teo said...

Thanks D7ana

I think the blond hair guy was from Space Battleship Yamato. It does look like the eye patch is molded. Hot Toys wouldn't want to take the risk of it coming off during shipping.

I'm quite sure he has a clear body and all the costume is put on him, as with all 1/6 scale figures :) A better option would be just to pluck out the head and put it on another body (similar one) instead of taking off all his clothes because they look skin-tight and I'm afraid any attempt to remove them might result in damage to the costume.

Thanks for the added link as well.


humanbeingill said...

So Cool.

D7ana said...

You're welcome, @lex Gen X 1:6 Hardcore. Glad to share the link on Pinterest ;-)

Thanks for the character suggestion. I might have had two manga book characters merged. Shake head. It'll come to me later. I *know* who Captain Harlock is now though.

Pity about the eye patch. Darn. But I like the idea of attaching the head to another body for civilian fashions and keeping the original outfit on the original body. That outfit looks striking.

Then again, maybe HT will sell the head separate. Then I could get just that ....