Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Check out the pretty Kotobukiya DC Comics 1/7 scale Black Canary Bishoujo 9.5-inch tall Statue

Kotobukiya proudly presents the next entry in their lineup of Bishoujo statues based on the superheroines and villains of DC Comics with the long-awaited Black Canary! A fierce martial artist who uses an ultrasonic “Canary Cry” in her battle against evil, Dinah Laurel Lance has served alongside the Justice League, Birds of Prey, and many other famous heroes including her longtime romantic partner Green Arrow. Black Canary makes her stunning debut in the Bishoujo series with traditional Japanese “pretty girl” styling based on a new character interpretation by Shunya Yamashita!

Dinah Lance stands triumphant on the field of battle, reaching for the stars while rocking her classic costume. The Justice Leaguer is posed leaning slightly on one leg, her body angled with both hands up and her right arm held straight into the air. Black Canary’s sexy costume consists of a sleek bodysuit, high heeled boots, leather jacket, and gloves, all in shiny black. Of course she also wears her iconic fishnet stockings and bright blonde wig! Dinah is intricately detailed in both sculpt and paint application with clothing elements, hair movement, and a beautiful bishoujo-styled face.

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Sculpted by M.I.C., Black Canary stands 9.5 inches tall (1/7 scale) on her specially designed display base. Display her alone or alongside other DC character Bishoujo statues from Kotobukiya like Batgirl, the Huntress, or Poison Ivy!

Available November 2015

As for me, I much prefer Caity Lotz as vigilante Sara Lance / Black Canary in the Arrow TV series. Not really a fan of Katie Cassidy as attorney-turned-vigilante Laurel Lance who took over the mantle of Black Canary after Sara was killed. Good news is Caity Lotz will be returning as White Canary in the upcoming DC's Legends of Tomorrow :) It looks like DC is doing to TV what Marvel is doing on the big screen. After all, Marvel has their Black Widow and DC's got Black Canary.

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Anonymous said...

Hello, Alex - as an expert which 1/6 female body would you recommend? In terms of 1) durability & stability? 2) body definition, structure, skin likeness etc. 3) poseability? Please, only you can help - I'm in big trouble, there's a number of producers but the choice is dificult. Phicen's bodies are beautiful but easily get stained and the rubber is fragile and cracks. Kumik's body looks very rigid and offers limited poseability. Others I don't know much about. Please, I'd appreciate your advice.

Best regards from Poland, Tom

alex teo said...

Hi Tom,

First of all, I wish to clarify that I am no expert especially in the area of 1/6 female body as I do not collect that many female figures.

I agree that while seamless bodies look nice without the visible joints, they being prone to stains and the rubber bodies are not ideal in the long term.

IMHO I think Hot Toys bodies are still one of the best and their female bodies are just as good.

Cheers :)