Friday, May 8, 2015

Preview DAM Toys 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom: Diamond 4 "Milevsky" 12" action figure

The next addition to the Dam Toys Gangsters Kingdom 12-inch figure series will be 1:6 scale Diamond 4 "Milevsky". And he looks a whole lot like Dolph Lundgren, even though the head sculpt is done in a caricature style, more animated than realistic but you can still tell right away who he's supposed to be.

Dolph Lundgren (born Hans Lundgren; 3 November 1957) is a Swedish actor, director, and martial artist. He belongs to a generation of film actors who epitomise the action hero stereotype, alongside Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Steven Seagal, and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Lundgren's breakthrough came when he starred in Rocky IV in 1985 as the imposing Russian boxer Ivan Drago. Since then, he has starred in more than 40 movies, almost all of them in the action genre. He portrayed He-Man in the 1987 fantasy/science fiction film Masters of the Universe, and Frank Castle in the 1989 film The Punisher.

DAM Toys 1/6th scale Gangsters Kingdom: Diamond 4 "Milevsky" 12-inch action figure will come with Head sculpt, Action body, Motorcycle protective armor, Long sleeve t-shirt, locomotive (leather) jeans, shoulder holster, black belt, square scarf, RPK-74 light machine gun with 75-round drum magazine, RPK 45-round box magazine, drum magazine pouch / carrier, M1911pistol + 2 pistol magazines, dagger with sheath, gloved hands, Black motorcycle boots

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Kaido said...

Man, I feel like a kid at Christmas! Dolph looks awesome. Thanks for posting this, Alex.

Kaido said...

Also, it looks like from the pictures that there will be another variant, this will come with a custom gold black pistol and bloody armour.

alex teo said...

You are most welcome Kaido. I was awed when i saw this too :) You are right about the variant. Dam Toys likes to pack them with the rest and it's all down to whoever gets the variant version when they open the box

Shahzeb said...

@lex: any word on the release date for this figure?

alex teo said...

Hi Shazeb, all I got was ETA Q3 2015 :)

Kaido said...

...and preordered!

alex teo said...

Waiting to get my hands on mine haha

Kaido said...

Just as an aside, I picked up my Jude Law Gangsters Kingdom today. Very awesome figure, as usual!

Hopefully you get yours soon too.