Sunday, June 7, 2015

Flirty Girl Collectibles FGCDX006 1/6th scale Lady Miss Female Figure from Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry (Japanese: デビル メイ クライ Hepburn: Debiru Mei Kurai) is a video game series developed by Capcom and created by Hideki Kamiya. Originally intended to be a sequel in Capcom's Resident Evil series, in development it became such a radical departure from the series' style that it was developed into a new property entirely. The series centers on the main character Dante's goal of avenging his mother's murder by exterminating demons.

Lady is a human demon hunter introduced in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. When she is first seen in Devil May Cry 3, she wears a schoolgirl outfit with a short white blouse that bares her midriff and sleeves that reach just past her elbows. The skirt appears to be made of protective plating and she has a utility belt to hold gun magazines, with dark shorts underneath. Connected to the belt is a harness for Kalina Ann which is her signature weapon. Kalina Ann is a customized missile launcher similar to a MANPADS. She also carries a CZ-75 pistol on the front of her skirt and a VZ.61 Scorpion sub-machine gun on the back, with a lever action bow gun of sorts strapped to her left thigh, and finally a pistol strapped to her right boot. She wears dark brown gloves and orange-brown knee high boots, with black socks under.

Flirty Girl Collectibles FGCDX006 1/6th scale Lady Miss Female Figure from Devil May Cry 3 will come with FB02-M 2.0 Female body with double joint elbows, Female rooted head sculpt, White crop suit jacket with shorts, Black undershirt top, Faux leather bust strap harness, Faux Leather Equipment belt with (6)drop-down ammo bags, Faux Leather leg straps (pair), Black leggings, Cowgirl sole boots, Grip hand set, Relaxed hand set, Dagger Grip hand set, Combat bazooka with removable Blade Axe, Silver Pistol, Art Box

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Here's an excellent interpretation of Lady from Devil May Cry 3 Cosplay by Narga-Lifestream

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