Saturday, June 13, 2015

Sentinel Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear – "Casshan: Robot Hunter" Final Product Pictures

Casshan, also known in Japan as Neo-Human Casshern (新造人間キャシャーン Shinzō Ningen Kyashān), is an anime series created by Tatsunoko Productions in 1973, which was based on a serialization of Kodansha’s Terebi Magazine and Akita Shoten’s Boken Oh.

Tetsuya Azuma (東鉄也 Azuma Tetsuya), also known as Casshern, is an android with a human consciousness, also known as a neoroider (人造人間 Jinzō Ningen, lit. "artificial human"). Tetsuya turned himself into an android to hunt down and destroy the robots that have taken over the world. His body features a number of unique android functions, including superhuman speed, agility and strength, an opening and closing face mask, a golden crescent-shaped solar panel on his forehead and waist-mounted pulsar propellers that can also be used as weapons.

This is the Sentinel Tatsunoko Heroes Fighting Gear – "Casshan: Robot Hunter" 18cm tall action figure which will be released very soon. The figure seems to have quite an amazing range of articulation with light-up chest emblem and looks pretty awesome!

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