Saturday, August 29, 2015

Preview Lightning Toys 1/6th scale Lron Armor Girl Action Figure aka Pepper Potts Iron Woman

Ever wonder what would happen if Pepper Potts had a custom-made Iron Man suit designed for her by Tony Stark, one that would fit the contours of her body and make her an Iron Woman? Well, somebody did (specifically, a 1:6 manufacturer) and decided to release a 1:6 scale Pepper Potts Iron Woman 12-inch figure. What you are seeing is the Lightning Toys 1/6th scale Lron Armor Girl Action Figure, touted as the world's first wearable female Iron Man armor also known as female mechanical battle figure (wearable and pose-able). You can assemble all the armor parts (made of over 30 pieces) on the female figure body. Helmet comes with slide open system to reveal the figure's face underneath.

ACE Girls Mission - Judge Hershey 1:6 scale female action figure was similar in execution. Judge Barbara Hershey is a fictional character in the "Judge Dredd" series that appears in the British comic "2000 AD". You had to assemble the outfit onto the figure with all the components provided - see my toy blog action figure review post HERE.

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The picture below kind of kills it for me :( you can see how awkward the pose is. To me, it shows up the limitations of the articulation because the segmented armor does not allow for better posing.

What is pretty amazing about this is that a company was able to break down the armor into components making it wearable armor (with limitations). Unfortunately, because of the red color bodysuit worn underneath the mechanical parts, it looks more like a person doing cosplay / wearing a costume than actual armor LOL

Everything is included in last picture and the producer says that this figure will be made according to pre-order volume only, no more no less! So if you would like one, check out the link HERE.


ronri said...

This actually has a solid basis in terms of where it's inspired. Specifically, it's taken from Pepper's comic persona as "Resue" only it's done in "movie" style. The main difference here from the comic version is that what's meant to be red and silver is colored as the traditional Iron Man red and gold.

AK said...

Very impressive. I think they based it on this design