Thursday, August 20, 2015

Review III: Virtual Toys 1/6th Weapon Advisor 12-inch Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox figure

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This is my third-part action figure review post of Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor which is essentially a 12-inch Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox figure as seen in the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy. The boxed set specially features: 1/6th scale Head sculpt, 12-inch action figure Body, Blue shirt, sweater, Blue suit, Brown coat, Beige slacks, Bow Tie, Brown belt, Brown scarf, Brown boots, Six hands, Glasses, Silver Pen, Clipboard with Paper, Newspaper, Map, The BAT blueprint, and Military computer. I've already covered the box packaging and content in the first-part review posted on my toy blog HERE where I stripped the figure down to his "fat" suit which gives this figure a paunch to be movie-accurate. Close-up pictures / views of the Virtual Toys Weapon Advisor 1/6th scale head sculpt were also shown as well as the very cool looking Wayne Enterprises Applied Sciences Division military computer / laptop with nice details and a sturdy construction.

Like I said before, if Hot Toys isn't going to do it, then you can bet someone else will – FigureMasters will be releasing a 1/6th Sir Patrick Stewart as Professor X 12-inch Collectible Action Figure (posted earlier HERE) and Figure Club has already released a 1/6th scale The League of Shadows "Ducard" Ninja Shadow Master figure which I reviewed HERE and HERE.

This final review shows the 12-inch Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox figure wearing the Brown coat and Brown scarf as he goes to the office in chilly Gotham weather, carrying his military computer, clipboard and newspaper.

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Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor aka 12-inch Morgan Freeman as Lucius Fox figure would feel right at home with his other buddies from my earlier toy blog post "Monday Blues with Tony Stark, Professor Henry Jones Sr, James Bond and Forrest Gump" posted HERE

This Virtual Toys 1/6th scale Weapon Advisor boxed set is great and I really had fun posing the figure with the various accessories and taking pictures for my action figure review :) I certainly highly recommend this for any Christopher Nolan Batman fan or Morgan Freeman fan.

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