Wednesday, January 13, 2016

ThreeA 2000 AD 1/12th scale Collectible Series Edition JUDGE FEAR 6.6-inch action figure

Judge Fear is one of the four Dark Judges and symbolizes the horrors of War. He is an imposing figure who wears a black great helmet accented with large, bat-like wings. When passing judgement, he opens his helmet's faceplate and frightens the accused to death with whatever lies within, whilst reciting his catch phrase, "Gaze into the face of Fear!"

The actual face under the helmet has only been revealed twice: once as a mass of eyeballs, and on another occasion as several grotesque mandibles. No explanation has been given as to whether these monstrosities are indicative of Fear's physical face, or if they are simply manifestations of his victims' fears.

Gaze into the face of Fear! The grotesque and imposing Dark Judge hellbent on terrifying all life to death! ThreeA’s 1/12th Scale Collectible Series Edition brings the haunting visage of Fear to life with an incredibly detailed and fully articulated sculpt, gorgeous paint applications, and intricately tailored fabric outfit including real metal chains.

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ThreeA 2000 AD 1/12th Scale Collectible Series JUDGE FEAR (Created by John Wagner and Brian Bolland) features: Fully Articulated Figure Stands 6.6 Inches (16.76cm) Tall with Uniquely Designed 1/12th Scale Dark Judge Body including Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Faux-Leather Tailored Outfit. Accessories Include: Interchangeable Face of Fear, Destructive Bear Trap with Real Metal Chain, Additional Interchangeable Sculpted Hands x 5

Price USD $65 Includes Worldwide Shipping (Design and color may change on final product). Available for pre-order starting from now at

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