Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Action figure review II: Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization 7-inch tall Ronin Kenzan Boba Fett

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More pictures of Bandai Star Wars Movie Realization Ronin Kenzan Boba Fett action figure as part of my action figure review. The figure is approximately 170mm tall and comes equipped with a more ornamental looking removable jet pack, a small sword, several knives / tools attached to his calves (detachable), a flintlock blaster and an assortment of hands. The scope on his helmet is movable too and that makes it really cool. No issues with pose-ability and the figure seems to hold poses rather well. I really dig the feudal Japan and Star Wars sci-fi combo :) What's he doing with a jetpack? Does he even fly with it? I don't know and I don't care. He's just too cool and so much fun!

Movies and toys are made for our enjoyment and to entertain us so why do some people have a need to explain everything in a movie and asks questions like "That can't happen", "It's not real" etc. Of course it's not real - it's a movie, it's make believe and if it were real, they'll call it a documentary. Some films are based on true stories, like "Argo" where there is a scene which a soldier tried to break a glass screen / window with the butt of his weapon to no avail. In the end, he shot at the glass which shattered. That's real because tempered glass do not break easily as we see so often in action movies. Then there's Star Wars which is science fiction so everything happens because it's designed to entertain us. People start posting videos of how the destruction of the Death Star will have devastating effect on Endor etc etc. Why even bother? Star Wars does not exist. The planets do not exist. The aliens do not exist. Everything is imagined. It was made for our entertainment and were we not entertained all these years?

Let's just enjoy this really clever and nifty design which combines the past with the future (albeit a future that is supposed to be far far away, and also a long time ago...)

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