Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Entoys ET-002 1/6th scale Blade Girl Vol.2 - “Viper” 12-inch female sniper action figure

This will be ENTOYS second offering in their Blade Girl series. Their first gal "Bolita" was previewed earlier on my toy blog HERE.

Short backstory / intro:
In A.D. 2075, the World War III broke out. The ignorant human used nuclear weapon and the earth was in a disaster. Resources on the earth were almost exhausted and the living creatures became extinct, including human beings. Human continue severe slaughter for resources. Among these plunderers, the organization named Blade Girl is the flagship.

Entoys ET-002 1/6th scale blade girl vol.2 - “viper” 12-inch female sniper action figure will come with female head sculpt, female body, jacket, T-shirt, pants, drop-down thigh holster for crossbow arrows, relaxed gloved hands (one pair), trigger hands (one pair), alternate hands (one pair), boots, elbow pads, M14 sniper rifle, rifle magazines, Crossbow, arrows.

There's a certain Lara Croft vibe to this figure. Her outfit does look rather clean for a post-apocalyptic world. One would think that they'll look a lot dirtier like those in Mad Max Fury Road.

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