Saturday, July 23, 2016

"This is Sparta!" Star Ace Toys SA0030 "King Leonidas" from "300" 1/6th Collectible Figure


This will be the THIRD 1/6th scale King Leonidas collectible figure to be released, after Hot Toys and MOM Toys (see the links posted in this toy blog post below).

The movie 300, adapted from the graphic novel by Frank Miller, was a hit that made director Zach Snyder a star and cemented Gerard Butler as an impressive leading man. Butler portrayed the famous Spartan king Leonidas who, according to legend, held off the Persian army with just 300 Spartan warriors. This figure of Leonidas features an all new sculpted body with over 30 points of articulation and two portrait heads; one screaming “This is Sparta!” and another calmer expression. He comes with his spear, removable helmet, sword, shield, Spartan armor and enemy arrows. A highly popular character from a classic film, this figure is sure to be in high demand.

The 1/6th scale King Leonidas collectible figure features: Fully realized authentic likeness of Gerard Butler as Leonidas in the movie “300” with accurate facial expression and detailed skin texture | 1/6th scale body, approximately 30 cm tall with over 30 points of articulation | Two (2) interchangeable portrait heads; one with a calm expression and one with a yelling expression | Four (4) interchangeable hands including: One (1) pair of open hands; One (1) right hand for holding sword or spear; One (1) left hand for holding shield


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COSTUME: One (1) Spartan shorts (ABS), One (1) red cloak, One (1) set leg greaves, one (1) set arm bracers, One (1) brooch, One (1) wolf teeth necklace, One (1) scabbard, One (1) pair sandals (sculpted on feet)

ACCESSORIES: helmet, sword, spear, shield, Three (3) broken arrows, Plastic figure stand with waist clip.

Release Date: Q4, 2016


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Unknown said...

Must buy

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Is it time to re-issue your Leonidas Hot Toys??? After Leonidas, Star Ace should release Queen Gorgo, Xerxes with throne, Dilios. Star Ace, you might want to start with Lord of the Rings like Haradrim warriors and Prologue Elven warrior.

tofanpw said...

Is the body developed by Star Ace? It looks really good here(love me some painted male bodies), but in pictures from their booth the body looked "duller".

I can totally imagine there're 1:6 makeup artist figures applying body paint or mist between photoshoots for that glistening muscular look. :D

alex teo said...

That's highly likely, tofanpw. We know how the prototype can differ so much from the actual figure produced because of what goes behind the scenes between shots.