Thursday, July 21, 2016

VERY COOL 1/6th scale CrossFire - Lurker of Fox Legend 12-inch female action figure

From Very Cool:
CROSSFIRE, or CF for short, is a FPS game developed by Smilegate Company and run by Tencent in China’s mainland. The game is based on wars between two major international mercenary organizations. Learning from multiple FPS games, it keeps updating new stuff and aims at providing its players with passionate and refreshing fight-experience.

With their clear eyes, neat short hairstyle, graceful postures, voluptuous figures, sharp thoughts and nimble actions, their appearance has again made an impression. They have hardly undergone any training, but they always finish each and every mission perfectly. They are the Fox Legend, which disappeared a long time ago. Beauties in this organization are good at different kinds of weapons, and they cooperate well; but in order to avoid hand-on confrontation with their arch rival the Fox Hunters, they usually work separately and only show in group once in a few years at some special time.

Very Cool VC-CF-01 1/6th scale CrossFire - Lurker of Fox Legend 12-inch female action figure will come with: Imitated hair-planting head sculpt, Tattooed seamless female body with PH steel frame and rubber coating, Yellow battle cap, Cap badge of Fox Legend, Yellow battle dress, Lace bra, Underpants, Stockings with garter belts, High-heeled sandals, Gloved hands in natural state (1 pair), Gloved hands in fists (1 pair), Gloved hands half-clenching (1 pair), Gloved right hand catching a gun, Remington M870 shotgun, P226 pistol, P226 pistol clip, Assembling wooden box, Army cloth for covering the box

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Expected Time of Delivery: 3rd quarter of 2016

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