Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Devil Toys "The Battlefield of Darkness Vol 2" Da Rocking Priest is based on real Arthur Hollands

Born 1951 in Osaka, Japan. Arthur Hollands went to USA when he was 20, where he became the national champion at an all American wrestling tournament, won a silver medal at a Pan American championship, and came third at a national Judo championship. Baptized at 23, he became a pastor and returned to Japan in 1982 for evangelism.

Now Devil Toys has taken the image of Arthur Hollands and transformed him into Anthony. H of a fictitious Hong Kong Gangster Group. Devil Toys has also gone the way of DAM Toys by mimicking their style of head sculpt which is a stylized and caricaturish version of a real person. Check out the actual pictures of pastor Arthur Hollands further down in this post, with tattoos and all. Devil Toys even attempted to copy the tattoos on their 12-inch figure body.

Backstory by Devil Toys:
Da Rocking Priest Anthony. H, a Chinese-Japanese half-bleed, is the second member of the Hong Kong Gangster Group "B.O.D.", his philosophy is to use his fist to lead those lost sheep back to the road.

He used to be a leader of Bōsōzoku at the age of puberty, eventually found his redemption via religious belief after the death of his group member in an accident. Now he works as a priest for a chapel in Sham Shui Po, a suburb in Hong Kong, to serve the community, and his hobby is to fix his motorcycle.

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Devil Toys "The Battlefield of Darkness Vol 2" Da Rocking Priest Anthony. H action figure will come with head sculpt, tattooed figure body, black T-shirt, leather jacket and pants with leather-like belt plus shoes, a real 1/6th scale Bible, baseball bat, cross necklace x 2, bracelet x 2, wallet with chain, scarf, extra hands.

The pastor tattooed – Arthur Hollands by photographer Keith Tsuji

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Kaido said...

I like it, maybe even cooler than Dam Toys' Gangster Kingdom!