Thursday, April 13, 2017

Dam Toys 1/6th scale FBI SWAT Team Agent San Diego Midnight Ops 12-inch figure Preview

It's most disconcerting when law enforcement officers dress like the military and are armed to the teeth like they are going to war. The battles are no longer confined to the war zones but are now fought on the homeland in one's own backyard. That's a very scary thought because it means you are not safe anywhere anymore. What with the recent UNITED Airlines fiasco it seems the world is descending into chaos and mayhem is the new normal. There's a picture of this FBI SWAT officer flashing his badge in this post and I thought that was totally redundant seeing how he is dressed and armed. He's not going to flash his badge and ask the perpetrator to freeze. He looks like he's going to shoot and ask questions later.

Dam Toys No.78044 B 1/6th scale FBI SWAT Team Agent San Diego Midnight Ops 12-inch figure Parts list: Real Like Head sculpt, Frame Glasses, Dam 2.0 Action Body, Tactical Gloves X3, Sentry Ballistic Helmet, Helmet Cover (Multicam Black), Pile Tape Set For Fast Helmets (Gray), Battery Pack For NVG Goggles, GPNVG-18 Ground Panoramic Night Vision Goggle, Manta Strobe, MPLS Led, HD Camera With Helmet, AN/PRC 148 Radio, Peltor Comtec II Headset, U94 PTT, G3 Combat Shirt (Multicam Black), G3 Combat Pants (Multicam Black), JPC (Jumpable Plate Carrier) (Ranger Green), BDU Belt, S2V Duty Boots (Black), T-Shirt (Black), Dump Pouch (CB), Mk18 RIFLE, MOE AR Grip (Black), Pmag30 X4 (Sand), Pmag30 Window(Sand), Pmag20 (Sand), AFG Grip (Sand), SF Muzzle Brake, SF Warden Blast Diffuser (Sand), M600 Flash Light, M Pro Offset Rear Sight (Sand), M Pro Offset Front Sight (Sand), LA5 PEG Laser, Tactical Sling, Troy Sling Adaptor, Troy Battle Rail (Black), Troy Battle Ax Stock (Black), Troy Modular Trx Rail X3, Troy Squid Grip X2 (Sand), G17 Pistol, G17 Mag X2+1, Pistol Flash Light, Leg Drop Holster, M870 Shotgun With Flashlight Handguard, M870 Shotgun Shell X5, M870 Shotgun Sling, M870 Shotgun Catch, Shotgun Shell Catch, EOtech 552, CTR Stock (Gray), CTR Stock Cheek Riser (Blk), Aid Pouch (Multicam), GP Pouch (Ranger Green), Hydration Pouch (Ranger Green), Flashbang Grenade Pouch (Ranger Green), 5.56 Mag Pouch X2 (Ranger Green), 5.56 Mag Fast Pouch (Gray), Pistol Pouch X2 (Ranger Green), GPNVG-18 Pouch (Ranger Green), Radio Pouch (Ranger Green), Leg Drop Gp Pouch (Ranger Green), Tactical Pistol Lanyard (Blk), Suunto Watch, ID Patch X 8, Pen X2, Scissors, Personal Retention Lanyard, FBI Badge Shield, Climbing Harness (Multicam), Carabiner X2, Descender

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