Friday, April 14, 2017

Soldier Story Hobby Expo China 2017 Exclusive 1/6th scale HONG KONG ASU 12-inch figure

The Airport Security Unit (Abbreviation: ASU; Chinese: 機場特警組) formed in 1977 as Special Action Squad, is a special force of the Hong Kong Police Force tasked with the security of the Hong Kong International Airport. ASU is responsible for airport security, primarily targeting terrorist situations such as aircraft hijacking, but in urgent situations, is used as a backup force for situations outside of the airport. ASU officers can be identified by their distinctive deep blue uniform and are armed with sub machine guns (SMGs) as well as semi-automatic pistols. Compared to other units, the Airport Security Unit rarely appeared in the mass media, and there has yet to be any movie or television dedicated to them. However, the Unit was featured occasionally as part of films typically of the cantonese-action genre.

Soldier Story Hobby Expo China 2017 Exclusive 1/6th scale HONG KONG ASU 12-inch figure will come with: HEADGEAR - ASU Beret hat, HKSAR hat patch, Oakley sunglasses, Motorola (TEMCO) bone-conduction earmic. HEADSCULPT - Modern ASU life live head sculpt. BODY - S2.5 BODY (with bendable muscle arms), Bare Hand (1 Pair), Bare Feet (1 Pair). UNIFORM - ASU navy blue tactical shirt, ASU black T-shirt, ASU navy blue tactical pants, HKSAR Police force reflective safety vest, HKSAR Police force navy blue jacket, Danner tactical boots (sewing). TAC GEAR - ASU ID card, ID card chain, Tactical belt, Tactical belt loop x 4, Admin pouch, Utility & hand cuffs pouch, Hand cuffs pouch, OC spray holster, Multi-tools pouch, G-17 9mm double magazine pouch, MP-5 9mm drop leg double magazine pouch, Radio pouch, Belt loop link, Molle 5.56 double magazine pouch, Molle 9mm double magazine pouch, Hand cuffs (metal), Multi-tools, Ball pen (red), Ball pen (yellow), Rotated baton holster, Expandable Baton (metal), Cable tie x 2, G-Shock watch

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WEAPON - G17 9mm pistol, G17 9mm 17rds magazine x 3, G17 Pistol safety lanyard, M3X Tactical light (attach to G17 pistol), Model 6004 Tactical holster /w light, MP5A3 Sub-machine gun, MP5 Surefire forend flashlight, MP5 Aimpoint mount, Aimpoint CompM4 red-dot sight, Front & rear sight cover, MP5A3 9mm magazine x 4, HK 3 point tactical sling, MK-4 OC spray (yellow label), MK-4 OC spray (green label)

COMMUNICATION - Motorola MTS tactical radio, Motorola MTS radio antenna, Motorola (TEMCO) Voiceducer. PATCH SET - HKSAR Police Force rank patch on jacket (1 pair), HKSAR Police Force rank patch on shirt (1 pair), Police Force wordings chest velcro patch. Figure stand with exclusive ASU (Airport Security Unit) name plate

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