Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Check out Care TOYS 1/6th scale Kunoichi Asuka (女忍 あすか) 12-inch Action Figure

Kunoichi is a modern term for a female ninja or practitioner of ninjutsu (ninpo). The term is thought to derive from the names of characters that resemble the three strokes in the kanji character for woman (女 onna); said in the order they are written: ku (く) - no (ノ) - ichi (一).

As the leader of Iga fraction, Momochi Tanba elder disciple, the female Ninja Asuka currently holds the title of Chuunin in the organization, is the commander who leads lesser Ninja perform combat missions on the front line. This time, she executed a secret mission outside the gate of the Xingfu Temple mountain.

Care TOYS has developed Asian women petite figure female body recently. In view of the female bodies in current market are all about 1.75 meters in height scaled down western body with a plump shape, to meet personalities of series product, Care TOYS specially develop the slender petite Asian female body, the body to the actual 1.6-meter-tall female ratio is 1:6 (26.5cm).

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Anonymous said...

Wow really nice accessories and that base
Are excellent
Wondering what the price is

Anonymous said...

$460+ USD...someone's jumping on the bandwaggon. that's what the Camo Tumbler cost ffs...ppl are insane.