Thursday, June 29, 2017

Kong Ling Ge 1/6th scale Wanli Korean War 1593 Xuanwu General & horse & platform

空灵阁 1/6 万历援朝战争 血战碧蹄馆1593 - 宣武将军 & 战马 & 地台 Kong Ling Ge 1/6th scale Wanli Korean War Bloody Battle Hall 1593 - Xuanwu General & horses & platform will come with three options: Figure only, figure with display base and figure with horse and display base. At the rate 1/6th scale prices have been listing lately, I doubt this is going to be affordable (for me). Prices for these things have been escalating lately and it's really getting ridiculous what these companies are asking for. There was a time when 12-inch figures are really affordable and fun. The high price points of action figures these days have taken the fun out of collecting, narrowing one's choices and selection to the absolute must haves and having to leave out the rest :(

KLG:009 宣武将军 Xuanwu General features: 头雕 Head sculpt, 素体 12-inch figure body, 头巾 Scarf, 手型 x8 Hands x8, 中衣 Clothing, 曳撒 Trailing, 布靴 x2 Cloth boots, 袜子 x2 Socks, 头盔 Helmet, 肩甲 Shoulder armor, 鱼鳞甲 Fish scale vest, 开元弓 Kaiyuan bow, 箭 x5 Arrow x5, 箭袋 Quiver, 弓袋 Bow bag, 苗刀(金属刀身) Miao knife (metal blade), 刀鞘 Scabbard, 革带 Leather belt, 腰牌 Waist tag, 腰带 belt, 旗帜 Flag. Pre-order exclusive: 凤嘴刀 Fengzui knife

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Pre-order exclusive: 凤嘴刀 Fengzui knife

KLG:010 horse and platform;

KLG:011 platform

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