Monday, July 3, 2017

Check out for past, vintage and rare toys / action figures and other stuff

There comes a time when one has to let go of things that one has accumulated over the years due to a number of reasons: moving on to other things, moving from a bigger space to a smaller one, running out of space etc.

Having amassed so many action figures after more than 25 years of collecting, alas space constraints of my new home have forced me to sell quite a number of them. That’s how got started. It's a platform where I can post the action figures I want to sell and where you can check if there's any figure you want to get. We can discuss the price if you are really interested :)

I'll be putting many things up for sale: loose figures, back-in-box, mint-in-box, mini figures, books and publications; so do check back regularly for updates. Back-in-box figures are usually figures I took out for posing, photography and reviews. Some may have been put on display but even then, they are displayed in glass cabinets with minimal exposure to dust, smoke and sunlight. These are pre-owned by a passionate collector who has no choice but to let them go.

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Military figures (loose and back-in-box / mint-in-box) HERE (see pic above) and Movie / Fantasy figures (back-in-box) HERE

There are also OTHERS which include Lego, Medicom Kubrick mini-figures and miscellaneous (link HERE), which will include publications and statues, among other things.

Full set of Medicom Kubrick Planet of the Apes figures as well as others (link HERE)

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