Wednesday, July 5, 2017

EGGY by Minnimi - The all new Roly-Poly reinvented - Kickstarter Launch 17.07.17

Minnimi is a product design company based in Singapore. The team of four love vinyl art toys and after years of collecting figurines and designer toys, they wanted something different. Creating is their passion and they have come up with their first product: EGGY - The all new Roly-Poly reinvented, a fun and interactive collectible.

Inspired by the traditional Roly-Poly, EGGY is redesigned with a minimalistic feel and cuteness to it, a perfect balance between art toy and engagement. The self-righting characteristics of the toy has come to symbolize the ability to have success, overcome adversity, and recover from misfortune.

Campaign Launch Date – 17.07.17 on Kickstarter @ 9pm (GMT+8)

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Going by their press kit, Ban Ban the panda (pictured above) will be a special edition. From a simple survey I did and the feedback received when I showed the pictures, this seems to be almost everyone's favorite EGGY!

The classic editions feature: Terry the bear (above), Turbo the bull (below)...

Sporky the pig

And Louie the hippo

There will also be Camo Master editions

Introducing Eggy’s very own customized magic levitation platform. With the inbuilt magnetic base in Eggy, it gives Eggy a seamless outlook, and allowing it to float on the customized levitation platform. You can play with Eggy when it’s floating on the platform by spinning it and tapping it, making it bounce!

Check out the video HERE

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