Sunday, July 30, 2017

Preview Toys Dao 1:6 scale Dark Samurai 12" figure - another Samurai inspired Darth Vader

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May the dark be with you. The Dark Samurai oozes throughout the night, nigh invisible, until he strikes, hard, then disappears into the gloom again. Make sure you keep an eye on him in your collection.

Darth Vader has become one of the most iconic villains in popular culture, and has been listed among the greatest villains and fictional characters ever. The central figure of the Star Wars saga is actually inspired by the warriors of feudal Japan, and especially by a warlord of this period: Date Masamune (check out the action figure review of the DID 1/6th scale Date Masamune Samurai action figure posted on my toy blog HERE). American illustrator Ralph McQuarrie and British sculptor Brian Muir are the two people who created the character's design in 1976 for Episode IV of this famous space saga.

Toys Dao 1:6 scale Dark Samurai 12-inch figure Features: Figure Body, Naginata (Blade), Kabuto (Helmet), Shikoro (Nape Guard), Men (Mask), Tare (Throat Guard), Do (Curass), Sode (Shoulder armor) x 4, Oda Gote (Forearm Guard) x 2, Kusazuri (Thigh Covers) x 7, Suneate (Shin Guard) x 2, Kimono (coat), Hakama (Trousers), Tabi (socks) x 2, Waraji (Straw sandals) x 2, Kote (Armored sleeves) x 2, Uwa-obi (Belt).

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