Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hot Toys Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1/6th Wonder Woman Collectible Figure Review

It's finally here!

This is my most recent haul in a long while and it's Hot Toys MMS359 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:6th scale Wonder Woman Collectible Figure. The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film came out in 2016 and I already got both Hot Toys Batman and Superman 12-inch figures in November 2016 (see my toy blog post HERE) but it has taken quite a while for this 1/6th scale Gal Gadot Wonder Woman to surface. I expected this Hot Toys Wonder Woman to come out in May or June this year when the Wonder Woman film began screening on the big screen as the hype would be good for Hot Toys but that didn't happen. Well, better late than never, right?

This Hot Toys MMS359 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:6th scale Wonder Woman movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in the film featuring a newly developed head sculpt with long curly dark brown fabric hair. My first reaction was: why did Hot Toys give her buck teeth? Yes, she comes with teeth that shows through her slightly open mouth. The prototype / preview pictures of this figure didn't have teeth (check out the preview pics HERE) but this final produced figure has. Maybe Hot Toys feel that the teeth makes the figure look more like the actress but I'm not sure if that's good as she looks a little bit like Bugs Bunny.

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Hot Toys box packaging is pretty standard by now and most of them have the same shoe box type design which opens when you lift up the cover / lid. Inside everything is contained in one tray.

The Instruction Sheet tells you how to put on Wonder Woman's shoulder strap which holds her Lasso of Truth and Engraved Sword.

There are also instructions on how to switch her interchangeable Bracelets of Submission and pose her wielding her shield. It informs the collector about the many limitations and restrictions of movement for this figure so extreme poses are not advisable.

Accessories include the specially-designed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice themed figure stand with Wonder Woman nameplate and the movie logo, alternative pair of bracelets which is interchangeable with the ones she comes with, and extra left and right hands for posing as well as for holding her sword, shield and lasso.

Here's Hot Toys MMS359 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:6th scale Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Collectible Figure wearing her shoulder strap and wielding her shield. Her costume consists of gold tiara, red-blue-and-gold armor, silver bracelets and red-and-gold boots

The shoulder strap enables Wonder Woman to keep her sword and Lasso of Truth by her side at all times.

And here she is holding her sword and shield with her Lasso of Truth kept by her side. Scroll down to check out the turnaround views. The newly developed seamless female body by Hot Toys has a very limited range of movements so don't expect this particular Wonder Woman to be doing acrobatic stunts or splits anytime soon.

NEXT: Close-up pictures of this Hot Toys MMS359 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 1:6th scale Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman movie-accurate 12-inch collectible figure showing the detailed head sculpt, costume and accessories.


Unknown said...

Can her sword go into the slot on her left hip like it was in the no man's land scene?

Anonymous said...

Is it normal for hot toys to actual product looking much worse than preview?

adam said...

Thanks for the review, I've been on the fence about this figure and closer to a decision now. I looked closely at the prototype pictures and it does have painted teeth, they are just lest pronounced and the lips may be slightly closer together; perhaps it was too hard to paint the more subtle effect for a production piece.

alex teo said...

@MegaSheen15, I believe you can slot the sword on her left hip as there is a holder for her sword. I was wondering what it was for since the instructions don't mention its purpose. Thanks for bringing that up :)