Thursday, September 14, 2017

Soldier Story 1/6th scale Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine VBSS (KSM-VBSS) with LIGHT-UP GPNVG-18!

Germany's postwar commando amphibious warfare force are called the Kampfschwimmer ("Combat Swimmers", abbreviated "KSM") or Verwendungsgruppe 3402 (Deployment Group 3402). They are the only special-purpose force of the German Navy. The Kampfschwimmer were set up particularly because Germany joined NATO and there was felt to be risk of war with the Soviet Union. A unit was needed which could help to secure the Baltic Sea exits through the Danish Straits. On 1 August 1958 Group 3402, as these commando frogmen were called by the navy, was set up.

Soldier Story 1/6th scale Kommando Spezialkräfte Marine VBSS(KSM -VBSS) with New Feature: LIGHT-UP GPNVG-18! HEADSCULPT - Modern German kommando life-like head sculpt, S2.5 BODY, Bare Hand (1 Pair), Bare Feet (1 Pair) | HEADGEAR - Ops core fast ballistic helmet, Ops core fast helmet strap system, German desert flecktarn Ops core helmet cover /w NVG battery pack pouch, Ops Core NVG mount base, Wilcox GSGM ground spec goggle mount, GPNVG-18 ANVIS NVG, GPNVG-18 battery pack, GPNVG-18 green LED module (1 pair), GPNVG-18 protective cover (1 pair), MS-2000 strobe, Oakley SI ballistic M-frame, Flame resistant hood (orange-brown color) | UNIFORM - Lindnerhof desert flecktarn underway combat shirt, Lindnerhof desert flecktarn underway combat pants, Lindnerhof combat knee pad (1 pair), Brown T-shirt, Meindl Glockner MFS boot (1 pair , sewing)

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TAC GEAR - Lindnerhof Plate Carrier V., Lindnerhof 2 Liter Hydration pouch tube /w snow fabric cover, Hydration tube /w black taped, Lindnerhof drop bag gen. II, Lindnerhof desert flecktarn single mag. pouch x3, Lindnerhof flecktarn single mag. pouch, Lindnerhof admin panel, Lindnerhof trauma kit, Lindnerhof DM51 hand grenade pouch, Lindnerhof double 40mm pouch (for MK13 flash bang), Lindnerhof 9mm double pistol mag. pouch, Zentauron tactical tourniquet pouch, Zentauron tactical trauma pouch, Zentauron tactical radio pouch, Tactical gunfighter molle belt, CQB / Rigger’s belt, Multi-tool pouch, Hard armor plate x2, DM51 hand grenade, MK13 Mod 0 BTV-EL Flash Bang x2, Multi-tool, Compass, ASP Tri-fold plastic handcuffs, Light stick (red) x2, S&S Precision V-Lite, C-A-T tourniquet x2, Carabiner, Suunto watch, Oakley tactical gloved weapon hand (1 pair)

WEAPON - Glock 17 9mm pistol, G-17 9mm pistol magazine x3, Tactical pistol lanyard, G-Code RTI DUTY mount kydex belt-slide, Blackhawk SERPA CQC G17 Holster. G36K-IdZ assault rifle, G36 sight Rail /w front & rear flip up sights, G36 extended bottom rail, G36 tri rail set, G36 Convex Folding Stock Adjustable Stock, G36 30rd magazine x5, KAC NT4 sound suppressor, LLM01 (Laser Light Module 01), LLM01 remote pressure switch, KAC foregrip, VTAC padded rifle sling, Aimpoint M2 /w outer rubber cover & flip up lens covers, Aimpoint M2 QD lever mount

COMMUNICATION - PRC-148 MBITR Tactical Radio, PRC-148 MBITR broadband antenna, PELTOR COMTEC II headset, PELTRO PTT

PATCH SET - Full color German flag patch with hook velcro X2, Subdued German Bundeswehr flag with hook velcro, +A+ patch with hook velcro

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