Sunday, November 12, 2017

Review II: Hot Toys Marvel's Daredevil 1/6th scale Jon Bernthal as Punisher Collectible Figure

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In Marvel's Daredevil, a Netflix Original Series, war hero Frank Castle’s life was changed forever when his family was brutally murdered before his eyes. Taking matters into his own hands, Frank decides to avenge his family’s death by eliminating all those responsible. Lethal with his methods, Frank becomes a notorious vigilante in the criminal underworld earning the moniker – The Punisher.

This is my second-part review of this recently released Hot Toys TMS004 Marvel's Daredevil 1/6th scale Jon Bernthal as Punisher 12-inch Collectible Figure which was part of my November haul (posted earlier HERE). In this post, I've removed his black leather-like coat which tends to restrict his movement as the coat fits very snugly. Also without the coat, you can see better the nice details found on the Punisher's bullet-proof vest with his signature skull motif.

Also like I mentioned in my earlier post, the Hot Toys body type used for this Punisher figure is not the best choice as far as the arms are concerned. The elbows are not double-jointed but uses a rotating hinge instead. This greatly restricts the articulation in the arms as you cannot close the gap between forearm and biceps. In the case of Hot Toys "G.I. Joe Retaliation" 1/6th scale Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock 12-inch tall Collectible Figure, the double-jointed elbows were used - see my review posted HERE, HERE and HERE. It didn't work for the Rock but it would've worked here because the joints would be hidden under the coat.

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A new thing Hot Toys has also done is to cut up the boots into two parts. This allows the figure to have more articulation in the legs and more flexibility in poses as the ankles are not restricted by the boots. The bullet proof vest has lots of detailing in the front and back even though all these would be hidden under the coat when the figure has it on him.

A close look at the 1/6th scale Punisher bullet proof vest, both back and front

Another look at the cut-up boots

In "A Cold Day In Hell's Kitchen" (S2E13), Frank is seen with a Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) rifle. The rifle is based on the Barrett M98. Hot Toys TMS004 Marvel's Daredevil 1/6th scale Jon Bernthal as Punisher 12-inch Collectible Figure has less problems holding the sniper rifle without his coat on. This is because the elbow joints make it harder to hold the weapon in a comfortable position and the tight fitting coat only makes it worse.

A close-up picture of the 1/6th scale Barrett MRAD (Multi-Role Adaptive Design) rifle with movable bolt and the foldable rifle stock as well as detachable sniper scope.

Check out the close-up shot of the 1/6th scale Jon Bernthal as Frank Castle / the Punisher head sculpt and the bullet proof vest with signature skull motif

The Punisher in black colored leather-like coat, black colored tee, black colored bullet-proof vest with The Punisher’s skull motif, black colored pants, black colored belt, and black colored boots. He has in his right hand a 1/6th scale Smith & Wesson Model 327 Performance Center TRR8.

NEXT: Hot Toys TMS004 Marvel's Daredevil 1/6th scale Jon Bernthal as Punisher 12-inch Collectible Figure with his arsenal of weapons. I decided to give him more weapons than what Hot Toys has included because the Punisher is nothing without his full array of weaponry.

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gam said...

hi, just curious.. do you sell this figurine?
I would like to have one ^^

alex teo said...

Hi, I don't sell the figure but you can try KGHobby (link: or BigBadToyStore (link:

gam said...

thank you so much!!!
I already purchased one for myself.. yay! *excited*

alex teo said...

That's GREAT news :) enjoy!