Friday, November 10, 2017

Super Duck 1/6th scale Female Princes Head Sculpt + Costume Set: She-Ra Princess of Power

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She-Ra: Princess of Power is an American animated television series produced in 1985 by Filmation. A spin-off of Filmation's He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series, She-Ra was aimed primarily at a young female audience to counterbalance He-Man's popularity with young males. Unlike the He-Man cartoon, which was based on the Masters of the Universe toy line by Mattel, the creation of She-Ra was a collaboration between Filmation and Mattel. Mattel provided financial backing for the show, as well as an accompanying toyline. The series premiered in 1985 and was cancelled in 1986, after 2 seasons and 93 episodes.

The show follows the adventures of Princess Adora, Prince Adam/He-Man's twin sister, who leads a group of freedom fighters known as the Great Rebellion in the fight to free Etheria from the tyrannical rule of Hordak and the Evil Horde. With her Sword of Protection Adora can become She-Ra, just as Prince Adam can become He-Man.

Super Duck 1/6th scale Female Princes Head Sculpt + Costume Set Parts list: Head Sculpt, Sword x 4, Head band, Necklace x 2, Cloak, Dress, Waist armor, Elbow armor, boots, Underwear. Note: 12-inch Figure Body not included. Suggested to use TB League PLLB2017-S20A Pale body with Large Breast

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Famoso666 said...

Liked a lot, but not the face sculpt. If only they sell the outfit only, it woul be better.