Sunday, November 5, 2017

POP TOYS 1/6th scale Famous general and national hero of Ming dynasty Qi Jiguang figure

Qi Jiguang (November 12, 1528 - January 5, 1588, Han nationality) was a famous illustrious general of Ming dynasty. He was a great strategist and national hero. Qi Jiguang fought against Japanese pirates in the southeast coast for several years. He protected people’s lives and property successfully. Then he resisted against the Mongolian tribes for more than ten years. The security of the frontier was secured and he brought people peaceful partnership between Mongolia and the Han. Qi Jiguang is a true immortal national hero.

POP TOYS EX014 1/6th scale Famous general and national hero of Ming dynasty Qi Jiguang 12-inch figure features (I think something went amiss during the translation process because I can't make out what some of the items are): Head sculpt, 12-inch figure Body, Hands x7. Clothes/costume: Hairnet, Scarf, Vest, Hauberk, Belt, Robe, Pants, Belt tether, Cape, Battle shoes. Armor: Armet, Breastplate, Carapace, Chest-protecting mirror, Shoulder armor, Forearm nail, Waist buckle of animal head, Jockstrap, Schurzen, Hip nail. Weapons: Qi's army sword (made of metal), scabbard, Spear (the head of the spear is made of metal), Bow, Leather Bow case, Arrow x4, Leather quiver. Other accessories: Flag bearing the word Qi, Platform with name tag, Leather buckles

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