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Hot Toys 1/6th scale Die-cast Iron Man 2 - Mark IV figure with Suit-Up Gantry Collectible Set

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Pre-order Hot Toys Iron Man 2 MMS462D22 Iron Man Mark IV 1/6th Scale Figure with Suit-Up Gantry from BBTS - link HERE

“It's good to be back!” – Tony Stark

Making a grand and spectacular entrance in the opening of Marvel Studios’ blockbuster Iron Man 2, Tony Stark’s Iron Man Mark IV suit has become a fan-favorite armor throughout the years! As we enter the year of 2018, Hot Toys is elated to add this beloved armor to our MMS Diecast Series and proud to present the new 1/6th scale Mark IV with Suit-Up Gantry collectible set!

Beautifully designed with gorgeous detailing, the movie accurate 1/6th scale Mark IV is made with diecast materials and sophisticatedly crafted based on its appearance in Marvel’s Iron Man 2. The over 32cm tall diecast figure features a newly painted head sculpt of Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark, interchangeable LED light-up helmet, movie-accurate proportion and highly detailed armor design with fully enhanced articulations, metallic red and gold painting on armor, interchangeable shoulder and forearm weapon-firing armor parts, LED light-up functions on eyes, palms, and arc reactor, as well as the sunglasses, donut, and coffee cup from a very memorable scene in the movie!

One of the most of exciting aspect of this amazing collectible set is of course the Suit-Up Gantry that comes together with the Mark IV collectible figure. It features remarkable movie-accuracy, substantive details, great articulations, all-new paint application, and LED light-up function to let fans recreate Tony Stark’s dazzling entrance from the film!


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Hot Toys MMS160 1/6th scale Suit-Up Gantry specially features: Authentic and highly detailed Suit-Up Gantry with great movability | Approximately 40cm H x 60cm W x 30cm D | Over 80 points of articulations | Five (5) mechanical arms – one (1) left and one (1) right side for disarming the forearm armors with movable rolls, one (1) in the front for disarming the chest armor, one (1) at the back for disarming the helmet, and one (1) at the back for disarming the rear armor | Four (4) small mechanical arms for disarming the leg armors | Double-sided graphics on gantry base | Three-layered convertible gantry base with light-up functions | Realistic cables and wires

For special features of the Hot Toys MMS461D21 1/6th scale Mark IV Collectible Figure, check out the specs previewed earlier HERE.

The picture below shows what is supposedly the famous superhero landing pose that is achievable with this new die-cast Iron Man figure augmented with additional articulation but if you see carefully, you will notice that his left thigh is in a vey awkward and unnatural position as it is being turned too much to the side rather than the front which is where it's supposed to be facing. Someone shared with me pictures of Iron Patriot in the supposedly superhero landing pose but again, the figure looks a bit "off" in most of the pictures except one seen from a different angle. You can see the pics posted on my toy blog HERE. Ideally (for me), the left leg should be more to the front and closer to the body with the body a little hunched up and compacted - see pictures HERE of the Phicen Limited 1:6 scale Super-Flexible 12-inch Male Seamless Body to have an idea of what I mean.

Release date: Approximately Q3 – Q4, 2018


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