Monday, January 15, 2018

One Toys 1/6th scale Personal Bodyguard 12-inch Action Figure (WorldBox Durable Body)

Pre-order One Toys OT-005 1/6 Personal Bodyguard Action Figure from KGHobby HERE

We are first introduced to Jon Favreau as Happy Hogan, Tony Stark's bodyguard and chauffeur in the 2008 Marvel superhero film "Iron Man" and since then, he has made his appearance a lot more times as Tony's trusted aide. Favreau also directed the first two Iron Man films. In the 2017 American superhero film "Spider-Man: Homecoming", Hogan is "looking after" Parker in the film, with Favreau saying that Parker "needs someone to help him out".

One Toys OT-005 1/6th scale Personal Bodyguard 12-inch Action Figure Product List: head sculpt, durable body, four hands, white shirt, black suit, black trousers, black belt, black jacket, black shoes. Accessory: mobile
phone, pad (tablet)

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