Friday, February 9, 2018

Check out preview pics of Glitch 1/6th scale CMPLXD Batman 12-inch (32cm) action figure

Pre-order this figure at Glitch store (link HERE for regular version and HERE for deluxe edition)

From the same company that brought us God Complex and its myriad of uniquely styled heroes, Glitch now gives us a glimpse at a familiar character in a whole new different light. This is Glitch 1/6th scale CMPLXD Batman, an officially licensed product by Warner Bros & DC. IMHO It has more of a Batman of the Future vibe although the costume does look somewhat like it could be worn in the Victorian / Gotham by Gaslight setting. What can I say? I'm LIKING it :)

Glitch SVCX01 1/6th scale CMPLXD Batman Figure (designed by Bryan Lie) features: Batman helmet, Approximately 32 cm tall body with over 30 points of articulation, 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, tailored Batman suit, tailored cape, pants, bat emblem, gauntlets, utility belt, grappling hook gun, batarang

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Deluxe Edition SVCX01b will include a specially designed diorama display base

Estimated Release Date: Q3 2018

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