Friday, February 2, 2018

CooModel 1/6th scale Monster File Series: Frankenstein (Birth Edition) 12" Collectible Figure

CooModel FRANKENSTEIN was released a couple of years and it had a very limited run. Many collectors had missed out on this figure due the its low numbers made available. Now CooModel will be releasing the MF007 MONSTER FILE SERIES 1/6th scale FRANKENSTEIN (BIRTH EDITION) collectible figure which comes with an operating table.

CooModel MF007 MONSTER FILE SERIES 1/6th scale FRANKENSTEIN (BIRTH EDITION) specially features: calm head of Frankenstein, angry head of Frankenstein with exposed brain, 12-inch figure body, pair of asymmetric forearms with handcuffs, Four (4) interchangable hands (2 fists and 2 palms)

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Costume: extra large sized undercloth, damaged bloody yellow shirt, damaged bloody blue coat, pair of damaged bloody khaki rompers, pair of dark damaged boots, damaged bloody cloth

Accessories: suit of body shackles, pair of asymmetric fetters

Figure stand: bloody brick figure stand, mechanical operating table stand, bloody operating table, head retainer, four (4) fixing belts (connectable with body shackle)

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