Thursday, February 1, 2018

ThreeZero BioShock 2 1/6th scale Subject Delta and Little Sister collectible figures preview pics


BioShock 2 is a first-person shooter video game developed by 2K Marin and published by 2K Games. Set in the fictional underwater dystopian city of Rapture, the game's story takes place eight years after the events of the first BioShock. Assuming control of Subject Delta, a hulking Big Daddy, players are tasked with fighting through "splicers", the psychotic human population of the city, using weapons and an array of genetic modifications.

Following the BioShock Big Daddy Bouncer released the end of last year, ThreeZero now presents BioShock 2 1/6th scale Subject Delta and Little Sister collectible figures.

ThreeZero BioShock 2 - 1/6th scale Subject Delta & Little Sister set details: 1/6th Subject Delta Collectible figure features: ~13" tall (~33cm) Fully-articulated figure includes over 35 movable joints | Highly detailed & incredible paint application to highlight all the details with weathering effect based on the in-game appearance | Arms and legs covered by fabric material | Detachable right drill | Exchangeable hands: pair of fists, pair of relaxed hands | left relaxed hand (with glowing lights function) | Light-up feature for 4 headlamps | uses 3 x AG13 Button Cell Batteries (batteries not included)


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ThreeZero BioShock 2 - 1/6th scale Little Sister figure details: Fully-articulated 15cm / 6 inches tall Little Sister Figure comes with tailored fabric clothing | Detailed paint application and weathering on the figure | ADAM Harvesting Tool | Exchangeable hands: pair of relaxed hands, pair of gripping hands


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