Saturday, August 4, 2018

Jackal X 1/6th scale Corporal Joel Hagan 12-inch Collectible Figure (Normal Version) Preview Pics

Joel was known to the police force as the 1st rookie to bring down a band of armed savages. A total of 17 savages were killed. The remaining 5 were wounded and captured. In the process, Joel was also critically injured while trying to save an innocent civilian from a grenade explosion. Unfortunately, the explosion killed the civilian and the shrapnel blasted through both of his arms. The arms injury were so critically severe at that time that no medical expertise was able to save it. As the result, Joel’s arms have to be amputated to prevent dangerous virus infection that would have been life threatening.

Special features of the Jackal X - JX003 - Ophiuchus: Dawn of The Humanoids - 1/6th scale Corporal Joel Hagan Collectible Figure: X9 tech helmet, magnetic night vision goggle, Approximately 30 cm tall Body with over 30 points of articulations, pair of robotic arms, right palm, Three (3) left palms. Costume: hoodie, pants, assault vest, tactical backpack, duty belt, assault shoes. Accessory: back pouch, utility pouch, utility side leg drop bag, Five (5) JXR-15 bullet mag pouches, Five (5) JXR-15 bullet mags, JXR-15 grenade mag, tactical holster platform, tactical holster (LBT), tactical lanyard. Weapon: JXR-15 assault rifle, JXR-15 suppressor, JXR-15 optic | XM1041 sniper rifle | TR-1 revolver, TR-1 revolver scope, TR-1 revolver infrared unit, TR-1S revolver | Two (2) frag grenades

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