Sunday, August 12, 2018

Toys Era 1/6th scale Premium Edition Series The Mechanical 12-inch figure aka Deadpool 2 Cable

Cable (Nathan Summers) is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, commonly in association with X-Force and the X-Men. The character first appeared as a newborn infant in Uncanny X-Men #201 (Jan. 1986) created by writer Chris Claremont, while Cable's adult identity was created by writer Louise Simonson and artist/co-writer Rob Liefeld, and first appeared in The New Mutants #87 (March 1990).

Nathan Summers is the biological son of the X-Men member Cyclops (Scott Summers) and Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone), the half brother of Rachel Summers and Nate Grey, and the genetic template for Stryfe. He is from a possible future timeline, having been transported as an infant to the future, where he grew into a warrior, before returning to the present. Josh Brolin portrays Cable in the X-Men film series, beginning with Deadpool 2.

Toys Era 1/6th scale Premium Edition Series The Mechanical (Luxury Version) 12-inch figure features: Head sculpt (LED light up eye), Musular Figure body with metal like cybernetic left arm, Right Hand x 4, Mechincal left hand x 4, T-Shirt, tactical vest, Cargo pants, tactical belt, Boots, Cloak, Customized heavy Rifle, Pistols x 2, Holsters x2, Grenade launcher, Grenade x 3, Pistol Magazines x 4, Magazine holsters x 3, Rigger belt, carabiner clip, Time travel device, Teddy bear x 2, Figure stand

The Standard edition features regular Head sculpt (no light up eye)

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Release date: Q4 2018


Anonymous said...

Come on Toys Era. I NEED a Domino figure from Deadpool 2. PLEASE!

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

So great- LOVED Brolin as Cable, could not be more perfect

Unknown said...

THAT IS INCREDIBLE!!!!!! Let me know when it’s up for pre order on eBay.