Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Check out the pics from Calvin's Custom & Frds: OneSixth Collective Showcase - just WOW!!!

Having his first booth ever, the first thing that Calvin did was called upon all the original designer friends and ask if they could cross-over, something that is often said but needed a public exposure, the 2nd B.O.A.T (Both of the Art & Toys Fair) @ the 20th ACGHK (Hong Kong's animation, comics and game conference) 2018 is the perfect occassion !

With the support of gears, parts and even whole figure from six original one sixth brands from around the world, together with Calvin's insane speedy yet high quality finishing, they made this 1st ever non-commercial artistic exchange in Onesixth history possible.

Calvin would like to thank each and every supportive friend and brand:
Kevin Li @ Darkcrown Toys (China)
John McCormick @ Green Wolf Gear (U.K.)
Ethan Tang & Leow Kking @ JackalX (Malaysia)
Ting Yen Yao @ Pewpewgun (Taiwan)
Dorgmal Snow @ Snow Corporation (U.K.)
Ethan Chiang @ Studio Sundowner (Taiwan)

Truly a Onesixth Collective Dream comes true!!!

Scroll down to see all the pictures.
Click on them for bigger and better views.

Darkcrowntoys x Calvin's Custom: "Spawn Sheriff"

Green Wolf Gear x Calvin's Custom: "Leasa" (named after John's wife who just had her birthday)

JackalX x Calvin's Custom: "Sarah Reese", sister of their first release John Reese.

Pewpewgun x Calvin's Custom: "Pewpew SEAL"

Snow Corporation x Calvin's Custom: "Hanroku - F"

Studio Sundowner x Calvin's Custom: "ANTIRA Noir"

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