Friday, September 28, 2018

Check out the Dam Toys 1/6th scale French Police Unit RAID In Paris 12-inch action figure

Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion ("Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence"), commonly abbreviated RAID, is an elite tactical unit of the French National Police. RAID is headquartered in Bièvres, Essonne, approximately 20 km (12 miles) southwest of Paris. Created in 1985, RAID is the National Police counterpart of the National Gendarmerie's GIGN. Both units share responsibility for the French territory.

Among the main missions of RAID are: Counter-Terrorism in coordination with UCLAT, the co-ordination unit for the fight against terrorism (French: Unité de coordination de la lutte anti-terroriste) • Hostage recovery situations • Close protection of VIPs • Protection of some of the French embassies in war-torn countries (a mission shared with the Gendarmerie's GIGN) • Site protection during special events • Resolution of prison riots • Assistance to other Police departments fighting against organized crime • Surveillance and arrest of high-profile criminals • Arrest of dangerous deranged persons • Training and assistance to foreign police forces • Assessment of new equipment and techniques.

Dam Toys (No.78061) 1/6th scale French Police Unit Raid In Paris 12-inch action figure Parts list: Realistic Head sculpt (with Will Smith likeness), Dam 3.0 Action Body (With New Muscle Arm), “O” Tactical Gloves X3, Face Mask (Gray), Frame Glasses, Riot Helmet, Eximius Body Armor With Shoulder pad, Sod Gear Combat Suit (Blk), Sod Gear Combat Pants (Blk), T-Shirt  (Gray), Bdu Belt (Blk), Tactics Molle Belt, Gp Pouch, Aid Pouch, Radio Pouch, G36 Rifle Mag Pouch X2, Double Pistol Pouch, Double 40mm Grenade Pouch X2, Gtx Boots (Gray), Eotech 551, Eotech 552, Backup Sight, G36c Compact Carbine, M Grip, G36 Sling, Folding Stock, Flash Hider, G36c 30 Rds Mag X2+1, G17 Pistol, Glock 9Mm 17 Rds Mag x2, Tactical Pistol Lanyard, X300 Flash Light With Switch, Gl-06 Grenade Launcher, BCM Grip, 40Mm Sound & Flash Cartridges X2, 40Mm Exact Impact Sponge Round X2, 40Mm Foam Baton Less-Lethal Grenade, Gl-06 Sling, Drop Leg Holster, Fight Light Roll-Up Dump Bag, Double Grenade Pouch, Sordin Supreme Pro Iv, Tph700 Radio WITH PTT, Bluetooth Switch, Id Patch X 12, A+ Patch X 2, Combat Application Tourniquet, Personal Retention Lanyard, Knee Pads, Watch, Climbing Harness x3, Carabiner X3, Descender, Tri-Fold Restraints Plasticuffs (Yellow) X2, Light Stick X2, Pen, Multitool, Multitool Pouch, Streamlight

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