Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Check out VTS Toys VM-024 1/6th scale BloodHunter 12-inch action figure preview pics

"Fire is fought with fire, blood is fought with blood."

Bloodhunters are Rangers who have taken up the Nightly Hunt; a vow to eradicate all traces of lycanthropy where they can. To better hunt the beasts, they have taken lycanthropic blood into their bodies. Many sinister or fearful lycanthropes will hide in the cities of the world to blend in with civilization. Bloodhunters have adapted somewhat to seeking them there as well as in the wilderness.

The monstrous origin and characteristically grim presence of Bloodhunters has society avoid them. However, most leaders and royalty will still employ them (often in secret) to rout out one of the most violent curses the land has seen.

VTS Toys VM-024 1/6th BloodHunter 12-inch action figure Parts list: highly Detailed Head Sculpt, action Body, four (4) Pieces Of Interchangeable Gloved Hands Including: Pair Of Hands For Weapon, Pair Of Hands For Baseball Bat. costume: Custom-Made Imitation Leather Shawl (The Leather Won’t Rot), White Shirt, overcoat, customized Imitation Leather Shoulder (The Leather Won’t Rot), Leather Chest, trousers, belt, side Leg Hanger, blue Mask, scarf. weapons: hunter Pistol, hunter Blunder, busssaw Cleaver. accessories: hunter Hat, arm Wristbands, Kneecap, Leg Guard, Boots, Pocket Watch, figure Stand

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HarlemRaine said...

is it just me or does he look like Tom Hiddleston?

alex teo said...

Yup, I see the resemblance too :)