Sunday, November 24, 2019

Joy Toy 1/24 scale Dark Source Steelbone Armor (Sand) 22cm tall mecha with Pilot Set Pre-order

Pre-order Joy Toy Dark Source Steelbone Armor (Sand) With Pilot 1/24 Scale Figure Set from BBTS (link HERE)

From Joy Toy, the Steelbone Armor figure is an incredibly detailed mecha unit (8.66 inches / 22cm tall) and is made in 1/24 scale. The Freeman Machine Armor figure is highly articulated and includes a large cannon rifle. It comes with 48 pieces of removable armor and weaponry. Also included is a highly articulated pilot figure (3 inches / 7.50cm tall) that can ride inside the mecha’s cockpit. Mech rifle can be used as turret cannon for figure.

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