Thursday, March 18, 2010

AMP in Action!

Having reviewed the Mattel MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform HERE and the 3 3/4-inch AVATAR Colonel Miles Quaritch Action Figure HERE, it's time to put the two of them together. I wanted the pair (i.e. man and machine) as a set because one would be not complete without the other and I was most pleased to find the pair at Simply Toys :)

Here we see Colonel Miles Quaritch in the cockpit of the MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform or AMP suit with the canopy raised. In the 2009 "Avatar" movie, Quaritch demonstrated superior piloting skills in his AMP suit. Quaritch had nicknamed his suit "Beyond Glory" and had painted a dragon on the gun, consistent with his callsign, "Papa Dragon".

Man and machine as one. A fellow blogger has pointed out the similarity with the APUs (Armored Personal Unit) first seen in "The Matrix Reloaded", but mostly in "The Matrix Revolutions". In the picture below, you can see how the arms are able to move all the way to the back.

Here the arms of the AMP are placed at the sides

A side view of the Mattel 3 3/4-inch AVATAR Colonel Miles Quaritch Action Figure inside the MK-6 Amplified Mobility Platform with canopy raised.

Here we see the canopy lowered.

Here's just me toying with the lighting. I'm quite pleased with the paint job as it doesn't make the AMP suit look "plasticky" or cheap.

Here's the AMP suit in the patrolling pose. The left arm of the AMP suit cannot grasp the huge hip-fired GAU-90 30mm auto-cannon without first making a cut to separate the thumb from the fingers. The left hand was molded as one piece to grasp the combat knife.

You can see how the left grasping hand looks in the picture below

The AMP is also able to rotate at the hips for more movement and poses.

And here's the AMP suit holding the combat knife with over three feet long blade, ready for some serious close quarter fighting

In most shots, the AMP looks stout but the picture below gives an idea of its imposing height. After all, it is supposed to be 4 meters high and 1.83 meters wide [in toy terms, it's approximately 9" (23cm) tall, 6" (15cm) wide and 4" (10cm) at the side].

Close-up of the combat knife of self-sharpening diamond-hard ceramic.

And now for some hand-to-hand combat action. Note how the legs and "feet" can bend for better support and stability.

This is what I would call the "Gorilla" pose because from the back, that's what it reminds me of

And here's a view of the AMP suit from the right hand side, armed with the huge hip-fired GAU-90 30mm auto cannon.

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Jon likes action figures said...

Wicked... and now that I'm looking at the colonel's figure again, doesn't his face look a bit too young?

saruman said...


Juliana said...

Wow, this is surely one pair of mean man and machine! I've always like your toys photos. You manage to capture the details of your toys from various angles and under great lighting! Very pro! :D

I rarely take such photos of my toys cos most of the photos turn out far from this :P

alex teo said...

yeah jon, somebody mentioned that as well. i'm not too keen on the 3 3/4" figures for their lack of detail and only got him to operate the AMP.

thanks saruman :>

hey juliana :) you are too kind. mine is just a point-and-shoot idiot-proof camera for a non-pro like me Ha! Ha! but your encouraging words help.

i just wanted to share with fellow collectors and visitors how i see the toy figure and the various details that make me want to collect it ;p