Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Lone Ranger (1949 - 1957)

John Reid, The Lone Ranger played by Clayton Moore with his Indian friend Tonto, played by Jay Silverheels was such a hit back then. I only watched the re-runs (not that old) but I really loved the series. (Another favourite western was "Wild Wild West" with James West played by Robert Conrad, not the Will Smith movie version.) The Lone Ranger theme, William Tell's Overture, became the most recognisable theme in TV history.

In 1976, Gabriel produced these 9" figures, complete with their trusty steeds. At the end of each episode, The Lone Ranger would leave behind a silver bullet and his hearty "Hi-Yo Silver, AWAY!" became his rallying cry.

Tonto with Scout and The Lone Ranger with Silver

The Lone Ranger with Silver and 8-way action saddle which allowed him to have 8 various action poses while still riding Silver

Tonto always called The Lone Ranger "Kemo Sabe" which translated meant "Faithful Friend" and was never referred to as side-kick

The Lone Ranger, the masked man

Tonto, friend and partner

Side by side, ready to kick @$$


parrow1978 said...

This is great, I had this as a kid and had forgotten about it till seeing these pictures. Damn, this bring back some cool memories. The Lone Ranger and Silver were two of my favorite toys. I think I shot the hell out him with my BB gun when I was 15.

Wish I still had this. Thanks for the pics and bringing back a piece of my childhood.

alex teo said...

The Lone Ranger is one of my favorites as a child too and when i saw him again as an adult, i just had to get him :) Glad it brought back sweet memories for you as it did for me CHEERS