Sunday, September 23, 2007

Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - Bounty Hunters

Darth Vader addresses the bounty hunters: Dengar (more pictures here), IG-88 (more pictures), Boba Fett (more pictures here), Bossk (more pictures), 4-LOM (see more here) and Zuckuss (additional pictures here) onboard the Executor.

All figures from Hasbro except Boba Fett from Marmit (2000). Can't put Medicom Boba Fett with these figures coz Medicom figures are on a scale that is from a galaxy far far away - they may be highly detailed and movie accurate (for the price that we have to fork out, they should be) BUT they just cannot stand next to 1/6 figures from Hasbro, Marmit or Sideshow which are all compatible in size. Even Medicom's Darth Vader is puny when standing next to the other Medicom figures - not even proportionate in size to the other figures manufactured by the same company!!

And how LONG do we have to wait before Sideshow moves away from jedi & sith to do other notable Star Wars figures?

Kubrick Star Wars

To see even more Bounty Hunters, just click on the "Bounty Hunter" label on the side bar or here!


Anonymous said...

Hey! you've got the corresponding bounty hunters and vader in kubrick version! that's really cool!

btw, isn't it dangerous to rest your At-At on such a high perch at home?

alex teo said...

Thanks for the compliments :)
I have wanted to put them together for a shot for sometime. Finally got to do it. Kubrick has produced some nice Star Wars figures.

AT-AT has all four legs firmly planted - had to be doubly sure!! Visitors won't miss it this way :p

Epick 'Weiwei/Kelvin' said...

I would kill for half of your collection, whahahahahahhhahaah.

Very nice stuffs you got out there!

alex teo said...

hi kelvin, thanks for the compliments. My stash was amassed after more than 10 years of collecting. Have actually slowed down due to space limitations. Ha!ha! wouldn't want you to kill anybody... maim and plunder would do :) LOL!!

Epick 'Weiwei/Kelvin' said...


Well I have also been collecting for slightly more than 10 years but my collection is small when compared to yours. No more place for me to keep them, hehe, so I have stopped buying already.

Would definitely keep coming, keep up the good work! Cheers!

alex teo said...

thanks kelvin. always glad to know a fellow collector and share the passion :)

problem for me is... i can't stop!!! cheers, man!

Epick 'Weiwei/Kelvin' said...

Hahahaha, well you cannot stop because we want to see more! Hehe, ok we'll speak again. Have a nice weekend!