Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mad Capsule Markets by Medicom, 2004

When I first came across this figure, I thought it was a Star Wars Stormtrooper knock-off and found myself drawn to it. After getting it, I found out it was "White Crusher" from "Mad Capsule Markets" and his arch enemy was "Black Cybone", who was even cooler (why do the bad guys always look so much better?).

"White Crusher" from "Mad Capsule Markets"

Kubrick White Crusher

"Black Cybone" from "Mad Capsule Markets"

Kubrick Black Cybone


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah. Mad Capsule Markets rock. I'd love to own these guys.

alex teo said...

yeah, i'm glad to own them :) thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Just bought myself a Black Cybone and White Crusher. I'm very happy with them!

alex teo said...

That makes two of us :) Thanks for visiting ;p

Anonymous said...

Whats the market on these now,
I have the White Crusher new in the box, haven't seen any for sale.
Anyone know what they go for.
I like the Cybone, I don't that one.