Wednesday, January 12, 2011

ThreeA 1:6 Badbot & company

Having seen pictures of the threeA badbot packaging and contents (review 1 HERE) as well as Badbot poses with and without his two long-barrel guns (review 2 HERE), I thought I'll show some pictures of the Ashley Wood ThreeA 1:6 scale 14.5 inches tall badbot figure with company, to get an idea of scale and size. In terms of scale, ThreeA Badbot is supposed to be 1:6 so I've posed Badbot with a 1/6 scale figure to show the difference in height.

The figure in question is a 1:6 scale 12-inch figure of Ryo Narushima, created by manga artist Akio Tanaka for the manga serial 'Shamo' together with writer Izo Hashimoto.

I'd posted pictures of Ryo Narushima in an earlier post "Showdown in Singapore" and had Kim Khan Zaki (Zig Zach from Contender Asia FIRST season) post his comment which was quite cool ;p

And here's Badbot posing with a 12-inch Vietnam War Tunnel Rat (click on this picture and the one above to get a BIGGER and BETTER view)

I'd recently blogged about the Tunnel Rats of the Vietnam War in a post entry HERE

In this picture showing the side profiles of threeA Badbot and the 'Nam Tunnel Rat figure, you can tell the height difference quite clearly.

And finally, threeA badbot poses with Kitty. Popbot used to be the roadie for Kitty's band until he became Kitty's bodyguard when Kitty began being hunted. Badbot was born from the shadow of Popbot. So does that make Badbot a protector or Popbot's dark side?

Another close look at Ashley Wood threeA 1:6 scale 14.5 inches tall Badbot figure

and white flocked Kitty: "MEOW"

Pretty pleased with my Badbot figure ;)

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One Shot said...

very different for me yet I find myself liking this set a lot.