Friday, May 6, 2011

ACI Toys 1/6 Warriors "FLAMMA", Gladiator of Rome PREVIEW

ACI Toys as released pictures of their new Roman Gladiator named Flamma as part of ACI Toys 1/6 Warriors Series: Gladiator of Rome – FLAMMA. ACI also developed an all new male body (known as Andrew 1.0) that is more bulked up with the torso being a single unit (no articulation in the abdomen) and the arms and legs more muscular in nature.

A little backstory: Gladiators were well-trained fighters with distinctive armor and weapons. They were mostly slaves or criminals who fought for their lives and freedom in combat. Flamma has won over 20 times and was awarded the 'rudis' to become a freeman, yet he chose to remain as a gladiator.

ACI Toys 1/6 Warriors "FLAMMA", Gladiator of Rome 12-inch figure will come with the newly developed muscular body (Andrew 1.0) - with well-defined torso and limbs; Impressive muscle definition; Detail craved skin texture with prominent blood vessels and manifest pores; Strengthened joint for static stability.

His armor and accessories include: Myrmillo Gladiator Helmet (plastic) with detail craved pattern at crest and a medallion at the front symbolizing strength and victory; Removable face guard; Feather-like decoration.

Foldable armor (plastic) for shoulder, upper arm, and forearm. Greaves: Leg armor (plastic) with leather strap. Leather-like Torso Brace. Leather-like Chest Harness. Fabric Cushion (Battle Worn) gaiter and shoulder armor pad.Fabric Gladiator Loincloth. Roman Shield Scutum (plastic). Gladiator Gladius Sword (plastic).

Being a Myrmillo style gladiator, FLAMMA is equipped with the Myrmillo helmet, right arm cloth padding with straps, right arm plate armor (plastic), cloth leg padding on both shins with greave armor (plastic) fitting over them, the Roman gladius / sword, scutum / shield, and subligaculum / loincloth held in place with a balteus / belt.

Scroll down for more pictures. This is quite an awesome figure with pretty nice detailing and accessories.

He will also come with a newly sculpted head with great detail.

A Black Fabric Cloak is also included.

You can pre-order this ACI Toys 1/6 Warriors "FLAMMA", Gladiator of Rome at The Falcon's Hangar now (pre-order closes 19-05-2011)


Richie said...

which body is better in terms of both appearance and mobility, Hot Toys' muscular bodies (Terminator, Barney) or this one?

alex teo said...

hi Richie, so far this body is only seen in pictures, no actual product has surfaced to do a comparison.

Richie said...

will be waiting for your review then! :D

Walter said...

Hey fellas,I just got a call from Art at Cotswold Collectables telling me that the preorder is there and they will send it shortly....I will keep you posted!! Walter