Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blade (Wesley Snipes) and Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) by Hot Toys

From the 2004 American vampire Marvel Comics action film "Blade: Trinity", I give you MMS (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6 scale Blade (Wesley Snipes) and Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) 12-inch limited edition collectible action figures by Hot Toys.

In "Blade: Trinity (2004)", Wesley Snipes returned as Eric Brooks / Blade, vampire hunter / slayer and is aided by Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds), who head a group of vampire hunters called the Nightstalkers, formed by Blade's mentor (Abraham Whistler played by Kris Kristofferson) to assist him.

Blade reluctantly joins forces with the group of vampire hunters led by Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel), the estranged daughter of his old mentor, to destroy the first vampire, Dracula, who goes by the name "Drake" (Dominic Purcell), simultaneously using him to disperse a vampire "cure" that apparently destroys every vampire in the local area.

Hot Toys never did release a 1/6 scale Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) 12-inch figure so we end up with only the pair of 1/6 scale Blade (Wesley Snipes) and Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) figures.

I wanted to see the size difference in terms of height. Hot Toys female figures tend to be smaller in size when compared to their male counterparts and Hot Toys Abigail Whistler (Jessica Biel) is much shorter than Hot Toys Blade (Wesley Snipes).

This particular line by Hot Toys came with quite a bit of accessories, especially for Blade :) Blade has one coat and one jacket, vest and double shoulder holsters plus weapons galore! Abigail whistler isn't lacking either.

Here's a view of both figures as seen from the back

Heroic partners in their crusade against the vampires that live in our world and prey on unsuspecting victims, at least that is the premise of the "Blade" movie franchise.

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Super-Duper ToyBox said...

those are KILLER! I really dig her outfit- the warm color & different textures stand out next to Blade's getup

Jared said...

Awesome post!