Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crazy Owners Ninja Accessories and Uniform set PREVIEW

This is a preview of Crazy Owners Historical Series "1:6 Ninja (忍者) Accessories and Uniform set". These items are more than enough to dress, equip and make any 1/6 scale figure become a 12-inch NINJA action figure. So next time somebody says "Ask a Ninja", you whip out your very own 12-inch Ninja figure and answer the question, okay? All the 1/6 weapons have die-cast metal parts. How's that for heavy duty?

There's the Ninjato (忍者刀) or ninjaken (忍者剣) - a short sword having a straight blade with a square tsuba; Ninja Shogee (hook end and 13 foot chain with large ring attached to the end. Used masterfully it can detain, entangle and control any opponent that a ninja wishes); Suntetsu (寸鉄) - a concealed weapon used for stabbing, poking, pinching, striking, smashing, scraping and throwing; Shuriken (array of darts, spikes, knives, and sharp, star-shaped discs); Kunai (苦無) - used to gouge holes in walls and as a thrusting and stabbing implement; and Nine-section whip (which actually has more of a Chinese origin than a Japanese one).

Whether it is a black ninja you want or a red ninja you need, Crazy Owners will have them all. A shinobi (忍び) at your beck and call. Just add 1/6 scale figure to the mix, stir well, throw in a bit of metsubushi (blinding powder) and ta-da! NINJA at the ready.

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yesterday said...

Very cool. Always wanted a 1/6 Ninja in my collection. :)