Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hot Toys 1/6 Captain America: The First Avenger PREVIEW

Hot Toys is proud to present their MMS156 (Movie Masterpiece Series) 1/6th scale Captain America Limited Edition 12-inch Collectible Figurine from the upcoming summer blockbuster "Captain America: The First Avenger" movie. The movie-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Chris Evans as Captain America in his hero costume in the movie, highlighting the newly developed head sculpt, highly detailed costume and weapons.

The 1/6th scale Captain America Limited Edition Collectible Figurine specially features: Authentic and detailed fully realized likeness of Chris Evans as Captain America in his hero costume in the "Captain America: The First Avenger" movie, is approximately 30 cm (12 inches) tall, Helmeted head, Muscular body with over 30 points of articulations, Movie-accurate facial expression with detailed wrinkles and skin texture, Nine (9) pieces of interchangeable gloved palms including: One (1) pair of palms for holding shield, One (1) pair of palms for wielding shield, One (1) right palm for holding gun, One (1) pair of relaxed palms, One (1) pair of fists. Each piece of head sculpt is specially hand-painted

Costume: One (1) blue and grayish-white jacket with embossed pattern as well as stars in chest and arms, One (1) pair of gray and red suspenders, One (1) pair of blue pants, One (1) brown leather-like belt with pouches and pistol sheath, One (1) pair of brown boots

Weapons: One (1) metal-like electroplated shield, One (1) machine gun, One (1) pistol

Gotta LOVE that shield :) can't wait to get my hands on this woohoo!

And here's the Captain America theme song: When Captain America throws his mighty shield, All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield. If he’s led to a fight and a duel is due, Then the red and white and the blue’ll come through, When Captain America throws his mighty shield. Listen to the song by clicking HERE.

Accessory: Figure stand with Captain America nameplate and the movie logo

Artists: Head Sculpted by EOM JEA SUNG, Head Painted by JC.HONG, Head Art Directed by KOJUN
**Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different

Release date: Q3, 2011

NOW at BigBadToyStore

UPDATE December 26, 2011: Hot Toys Captain America finally arrives :) Check out the full REVIEW & PICTURES HERE as I unbox Cap on Boxing Day


Little Plastic Man said...

Love the shield but disappointed that there is no alternate head

drewflu61 said...

How about an alternate unmasked head?!

Wee Seng said...

Damn great figure! Must get!!

Anonymous said...

That's good news for all 1/6 collectors.

The shield look kinda small, 1-2cm bigger would be fantastic. Must be the retro comic effect - I recall Captain America charging towards his enemies using his shield to block bullets

An alternative head would be great

Melissa said...

This one would be awesome with an unmasked head or if the helmet came off. Shame not to see Chris Evan's face.

ethan said...

A must have...a comic hero and a military ...all in one. What's more to ask for?

alex teo said...

hey guys and gal, I think Hot Toys is following the specs given by Marvel where Cap has his mask on every time he's in uniform /costume. Perhaps if it was a DX, then the alternate unmasked head would come with the G.I. uniform. But this is good enough for me :)

Ben said...

Nice figure, Its going to break my budget but I will be getting this figure.

Sadly, from the look of the shield. I don't think it's possible to pose Captain America in one of his iconic pose where by his shield is on the ground and Captain America's rest both of his palm is on top on the shield.

Maybe its just me, I don't mind the retro outfit but the shield should be large enough to touch his hand when Captain America is standing upright.

Wee Seng said...

I do believe the size of the shield is not comic accurate, but should be movie accurate...

Had already pre ordered mine. Can't wait for this.