Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Look at what I got in the mailbox :)

I received a nice package in the mailbox today :) It's always nice to receive gifts and this is no different. It's a picture taken by Marcos "Mark" Minuchin of "The Secret Life of Toys", developed into a print and mailed across the globe to me. THANKS, Mark! The picture is even better as a print and I love it!

Click on the picture for a larger view :)

Remember the entry I posted not too long ago on Marcos Minuchin, self-taught photographer and avid toy collector? You can check out the post again HERE. Well, Mark was most kind to send me this print. It's called "Arizona Profiling" and it's on his site "The Secret Life of Toys". Check out his site for MORE pictures. You won't regret it.

This is a picture of a picture - close-up (Click to see bigger size)

These are the privileges of blogging. You get to "meet" / know a lot of people from around the world, some of whom you'll never see face-to-face and others you get to see on Facebook. These are readers who leave comments or write to me via emails and some have become very close friends and pen pals. I doubt the new younger generation even know what pen pals are.

Here's a picture I took of two 1966 Batmobiles parked alongside the print Mark sent me of a 1966 Batmobile being stopped by a State Patrol police officer.

The first is the Hot Wheels 1/18 scale Batmobile which I got in 2008 (check out my post HERE). It measures about 11 inches in length (28 cm long) and the second 1966 Batmobile was a Japanese 1/32 scale Batmobile plastic model kit by Imai (the Japanese company called it "Batman Car") which I've had with me since the mid 1990s.

The Hot Wheels 1/18 scale Batmobile has amazing details. This was the original live action Batmobile and was one of the coolest things from the campy Batman TV series of the 60s starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin.

I could never own the 1:1 scale replica of this beauty (it does exist - check out my post HERE) but this will do nicely for me and I'm quite happy with it :)

Click on this picture for a larger view :)

As I had mentioned earlier, this is a Japanese manufactured 1/32 scale 1966 Batmobile plastic model kit by Imai (the Japanese company called it "Batman Car") which I've had with me since the mid 1990s. I liked that the vehicle included both Batman and Robin, something which I felt the Hot Wheels version lacked. What's a Batmobile without its occupants, especially when the vehicle is an open-top car? You can view more pictures HERE

I had only just started collecting toys back then and this was a classic which I had to have, even though it was a plastic model kit. That meant painting and gluing the parts together. The painting was quite a challenge for me, especially with the bat emblem on Batman's chest and details of Robin's costume but I was quite pleased with how it turned out :)

"Holy Enlargement, Batman!" Click to have a BIGGER view!


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

That is a wonderful picture! ...and some Great Batmobiles!

alex teo said...

From one Batman fan to another, we know our Batmobiles and we dig Batman's rides. Leave the swinging to Spidey, we'll just drive around town in our Hot Wheels :)

RiP666 said...

the diorama picture was classic, and it came from your friend too.

alex teo said...

YUP, a friend I came to know via this TOY blog :) you should check out his site for more AWESOME pictures CHEERS

Send Money said...

You must be lucky to get a friend like Mark..aren't you? BTW Alex I like the Batman car..where to buy them?

alex teo said...

I am indeed blessed with many great friends :) You should try e-bay for the Batman cars / Batmobiles - that's one good place to start