Friday, June 3, 2011

Toyscity: U.S. Army Green Beret - ODA721 Preview

Yesterday was the preview of Virtual ToyS (VTS): 75th Ranger Regiment Chalk Leader of Task Force Ranger from Operation Gothic Serpent circa Somalia 1993 (see previous post), today is the preview of ToysCity U.S. Army Green Beret equipped with the latest gadgets for modern warfare although with the rate of advancements in technology, nothing stays current for very long.

ToysCity has been announcing new figures pretty quickly and releasing them almost as quickly of late. They seem to be upping the ante and their quality overall seems pretty good and getting better.

Green Beret Motto: De Oppresso Liber "To Liberate the Oppressed"
Taking a departure from the other sets clad in Multicam and AOR, this guy's gone back to the basics and is wearing Woodlands camouflage, with some modifications (such as a newly modified Custom Combat Shirt).  The reason for this is that there are some parts of Afghanistan that the woodland pattern is perfectly suited for, and Special Forces prefer to still wear that pattern in that area.

Toyscity 1/6 scale U.S. Army Green Beret - ODA721 12-inch figure will come with Real-like Head Sculpt, T 2.0 Body, Woodland Custom Combat Shirt, Woodland BDU Pants, Sand Uniform Belt, OD Duty Belt, M.Khaki Custom STRIKE Recon Vest, M.Khaki STRIKE Recon Vest Back Panel, M.Khaki Single 7.62mm Mag Pouch x 3, M.Khaki SFLCS PRC-148 Pouch, M.Khaki SFLCS Administrative Pouch, M.Khaki SFLCS MG Ammo Pouch, M.Khaki Single Flashbang Pouch x 2, M.Khaki Triple Pistol Mag Pouch, M.Khaki MOLLE 3L Hydra Pouch, M9 6004 Holster

This modern Green Beret Special Forces operator will be armed with the MK17 MOD0 SCAR-H Assault Rifle, SCAR-H Magazine x 4, PEQ-15 Laser Indicator, SPECTER DR Optic Sight, and Tactical Gun Sling.

He will also have the M9 Pistol as his trusty sidearm. Comes with 4 x M9 Pistol Magazines and Pistol retaining lanyard.

Toyscity: U.S. Army Green Beret - ODA721 also will have a M72 LAW Rocket, Tactical Knife and Wrist Blade

One of the coolest things has to be the MICH 2002 Helmet with Helmet Rail Connector x 2, 1-Hole NVG Shroud and NVG Mount, Comtac2 Headset & PTT plus PRC-148 Radio

Other standard SOF items include Magazine Dump Pouch, SAWTOOTH Hiking Boots, Tactical Gloves, XTAK Tactical Kneepads, Tactical Tourniquet, Safety Sling, MS2000 Strobe Light, M-84 Stun Grenade x 2, D ring x 2, Light Sticks x 4, Plastic Hand Cuffs, Patches, Sunglasses andMilitary Tape

Interestingly, Toyscity is reusing their previous headsculpt of Matthew Fox as Jack from the TV series "Lost". This 1/6 Matthew Fox head sculpt was included with their 1:6 scale 90s era Jungle Ops US Navy SEAL 12-inch military figure which they have just released, albeit with face camouflage paint but also wearing Woodlands camouflage. You can view the ToysCity US Navy SEAL pictures HERE. No wonder Jack is lost - first he's SEAL (Navy) and now he's Green Beret (Army). What's next? Para-rescue? After all, he did play doctor in LOST so he has some medical knowledge LOL

Here's ToysCity U.S. Army Green Beret with all his gear laid out.


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woow love the sculpt and the accesories, this US army sure an awesome 1/6 figure..

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I wnt it