Sunday, June 12, 2011

K is also for Kilowog

In the DC Comics, Kilowog is a former geneticist and the main drill instructor of the Green Lantern Corps, training hundreds of Lanterns over the years, including John Stewart, Katma-Tui, and Hal Jordan.

Like all Green Lanterns, Kilowog wielded a Power Ring that enables him to create hard-light constructs from thought. He was also immensely strong and powerful.

This is the animated version of Kilowog as he appeared in the Justice League animated series when John Stewart was put on trial by the people of Ajuris 5 for the destruction of an entire neighboring planet. Kilowog was among several other Lanterns who arrived on the planet.

Kilowog was later among the team led by Katma Tui that went to Ranstad-7 to fight Despero's invasion forces and bring him in.

Although he's supposed to be an alien, Kilowog looks a lot like the Warthog, a wild member of the pig family that lives in grassland, savanna, and woodland in Sub-Saharan Africa. Maybe he's a really distant cousin of Pumbaa, one part of the popular duo introduced in Disney's 1994 animated film "The Lion King". I bet Hal Jordan won't be eating much pork after meeting Kilowog.

Kilowog is set to appear in the Green Lantern live-action movie directed by Martin Campbell to be released June 17, 2011.


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

hee hee- i always liked this little guy :D

alex teo said...

just like little John is to Robin Hood haha :)